2021+ commander 1000 rear windshield
sturdy and durable material of the rear windshield
give a clear rear view for commander rear windshield
commander 700 DPS rear windshield, necessary protection
reducing wind noise after install rear windshield
can-am commander rear windshield package
commander 1000r rear windshield show

Rear Windshield For 2021+ Can-am Commander 1000/700


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Can-am commander rear windshield
StarknightMT Rear Windshield For 2021+ Commander
StarknightMT Rear Windshield For 2021+ Commander

Perfect Material:

Constructed from premium PC material, the Can-am Commander's rear windshield boasts 250 times the strength of glass and not easy to be scratched. With UV-resistant treatment and excellent light transmission, it protects against harmful rays while maintaining a bright and airy interior.

Excellent Defense

The rear windshield for the 2021+ Can-am Commander offers reliable protection while driving. It effectively blocks stones, dirt, grass, branches, and other debris from entering the cabin from behind, significantly enhancing driving safety. Additionally, it is a must-have for driving in rainy or snowy weather.

Minimize noise

The Commander's rear windshield features a rubber strip that not only cushions and absorbs shock, but also improves sealing and reduces rattling. And once the Commander Max's rear windshield is installed, the noise from the rear window will significantly decrease.

Easy Installation

All necessary installing parts and instruction manual are contained, you can finish installation of StarknightMT commander max rear windshield quickly on your own, there are no drilling and other tools requested. 


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  • Can-am Commander 1000R XTP 2021-2024
  • Can-am Commander 700 DPS 2022-2024
  • Can-am Commander 700 XT 2022-2024
  • Can-am Commander Max 1000R DPS 2021-2024
  • Can-am Commander Max 1000R XT 2021-2024

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