cfmoto uforce 1000 vented front windshield
uforce 1000 xl vented front windshield details
CFMOTO UForce 1000/1000XL Vented Front Windshield
CFMOTO UForce 1000/1000XL Vented Front Windshield
2 in 1 vented window design of uforce front windshield
rubber seal of uforce 1000 windshield black rain  in
 durable material of uforce 1000 vented full windshield
clear vison for uforce 1000 vented front windshield
uforce 1000 vented front windshield dimensions
easy to install the uforce 1000xl vented windshield
cfmoto uforce windshield can prevent dust  and snow

CFMOTO UForce 1000/1000XL Vented Front Windshield


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Vented Front Windshield for CFMOTO UFORCE 10002-in-1 Multifunctional UFORCE 1000 Windshield

2-in-1 Full Windshield

You can close the vents to defend against the chilly wind, flying snow, rain, and dust; Also you can open them to avoid stuffy and to defog. Combined with a full-length waterproof rubber seal, the windshield is rattle-free and of great waterproof

High Light Transparency

The UFORCE 1000 windshield features high light transparency of 95% and up, providing you with max visibility and clear vision, ensuring the safest guard. The UV-resistant coating protects the driver and cfmoto uforce cab from the harsh sun

Easy Installation

It just takes several minutes to connect the roll cage and windshield via quick-release sturdy clamps

Windshield Material:  Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate 


The uforce windshield has two protective films on both sides, one is blue, and another is transparent(which is not eye-catching); you need to take off both of them. The Transparent protective film is not scratch-resistant; you may see scratches on the transparent film before tearing the film off. These scratches are not on the windshield, and we explain this issue because some people mistakenly think it's not scratch-resistant. 


  • 2019+ CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 
  • 2022+ CFMOTO UFORCE 1000 XL

We offer a comprehensive warranty on our vented front windshields, covering manufacturing defects and material quality. For specific warranty details, please refer to our warranty policy or contact our customer service team.

Our vented windshields are designed to minimize water ingress. While the vents allow for airflow, they are constructed to prevent significant water entry during rain. However, it is always recommended to adjust the vents based on weather conditions to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, our vented front windshield is compatible with various other accessories for the CFMOTO UForce 1000/1000XL, such as roofs, side mirrors, and rear windshields. Always check compatibility with specific accessories before installation.

Improved ventilation: Adjustable vents allow for controlled airflow, reducing cabin heat and fogging.
Reduced dust: Proper airflow helps minimize dust accumulation inside the cabin.
Enhanced comfort: Better ventilation ensures a more comfortable ride in various weather conditions.

Rinse with water: Use a gentle stream to remove loose dirt and debris.
Use a mild soap solution: Mix a small amount of mild soap with water.
Soft cloth or sponge: Gently wash the windshield in a circular motion.
Rinse thoroughly: Remove all soap residues with clean water.
Dry with a microfiber cloth: Prevent water spots and streaks by drying with a clean microfiber cloth.

Our UTV windshields are treated with a special hard coating that enhances their scratch resistance. This coating helps protect against minor abrasions from dust, dirt, and debris encountered during off-road adventures. But it can also be scratched by particularly hard things like metal or rocks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Sherman
Seems pretty good to me!

Went on pretty easy. Needed a friend to get inside to hold wrench to tighten top bolts.
It would be a pain to install and remove a lot so make sure you want it on and plan to keep it on due to bolts thru top

Easy installation of the window

2021 UForce 1000

Hundreds cheaper than dealer

Overall it's worthy of a 5 star review. The install was very easy and only took roughly 20 mins. Definitely need a second person. The only issues I've noticed is first the rattle from the vents which isn't all that bad and is a very minor issue and second is the one Allen screw/ bolt on each side is not stainless so it has began to rust already. If it wasn't for the rust it would 100% be five star. I have not contacted them about it but it's probably gonna be a bigger stain issue later on. I would still recommend getting this no matter how bad it may get.

Hello, This is starknightmt Customer Service and thank you for your kind feedback.We have already reported the rusting issue of the bolts to the factory. We have sent an email to you hoping that we could help you with the issue. Please check. Thanks in advance.

Dennis and Dawn

Super easy to install! Works great

James l. Buchanan
Excellent Product

Packaged very well. High quality item with a perfect fit.

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