maverick x3 noise reduction kit
noise redunction kit for can-am x3
maverick x3 noise reduction kit make diving quieter
sturdy material of x3 noise reduction kit
high density foam can further block noise
can am x3 noise reduction kit honeycome design
x3 noise reduction kit blocking flying debris
easy to install the can am x3 noise reduction kit

Noise Reduction Kit For Can-Am Maverick X3/Max


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StarknightMT X3 Noise Reduction Kit
X3 noise reduction kit higher density foam

Superior Material

StarknightMT x3 noise reduction kit is made of high-quality aluminum, it is strong, corrosion-resistant, anti-faded, and scratch-resistant, which adapts to different scenarios and provides longer service life.

Noise Reduction

After x3 air clutch intake relocation kit is installed, the noise will be greatly reduced, which provides a quieter driving environment, ensures comfortable driving and protects your hearing.

Higher Density Foam

For better noise reduction, StarknightMT maverick x3 noise reduction kit is designed with 45kg/m³ density foam that is much higher than normal 30kg/m³ ones, the higher the density, the better the noise reduction.

Honeycomb Design

The x3 noise reduction intake kit adopts a honeycomb structure that is lightweight, good shock-absorbing, excellent noise reduction, highly strong and stiff. Besides, the holes are designed to be smaller for better-flying debris blocking.


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