What We May Carry for UTV Trail Riding

Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV) trail riding combines adventure with the unpredictability of nature, demanding preparedness for any situation. This article digs into 24 specific items you may need to carry during UTV trail rides.

Extra Goggles

The unpredictable nature of outdoor conditions means that riders must be prepared for everything from sudden dust storms to heavy rainfall or intense sunlight. Carrying an extra pair of goggles ensures that riders can quickly adapt to these changes, swapping out goggles that become fogged, scratched, or otherwise compromised. This preparation keeps the path ahead clear and prevents the discomfort and potential hazards that come from impaired vision.

First Aid Kit

Adventures in the wild come with their fair share of risks, making a well-stocked first aid kit an indispensable companion. This kit should go beyond the basics of band-aids and insect sting relief, encompassing a range of supplies to address not just cuts and stings but also sprains, burns, and other common outdoor injuries. Immediate access to such medical essentials can drastically reduce the severity of injuries, prevent infection, and ensure that minor setbacks don't turn into emergency situations. By addressing wounds on the spot, riders can continue their journey with confidence, knowing they are prepared to handle common injuries.

Toilet Paper and Hand Wipes

The importance of personal hygiene cannot be overstated, particularly in remote outdoor locations where conventional facilities are absent. Toilet paper and hand wipes become not just conveniences but necessities, ensuring riders can maintain cleanliness and comfort throughout their journey. These items are particularly crucial for extended rides, where the lack of access to running water and sanitary facilities can quickly lead to discomfort and health issues. Carrying these supplies ensures that riders can enjoy their adventure without compromising their hygiene or comfort.

Dust Masks and Bandanas

The trail's dust can pose a serious threat to respiratory health, especially over prolonged exposure. Dust masks and bandanas provide a versatile solution, offering protection against fine particles while also serving as emergency protective gear in various situations. Whether it's shielding lungs from dust, reducing inhalation of smoke during a controlled fire, or serving as a barrier against cold air, these items are multifunctional. Their lightweight and compact nature make them easy to carry, ensuring riders can quickly adapt to changing air quality conditions.

Eye Drops (Visine)

The thrill of the ride can quickly be dampened by eye discomfort caused by dust, wind, or allergens. Eye drops become a quick and effective remedy, offering relief from irritation and dryness that can impair a rider's vision and enjoyment of the adventure. The ability to alleviate this discomfort on the go means that riders can maintain their focus on the trail ahead, enjoying the full experience without the distraction of eye irritation.

Rain Suits

Even with the most meticulous planning, weather remains a formidable and unpredictable element of outdoor adventure. Rain suits are thus a critical item for riders, offering protection from sudden downpours that can otherwise lead to discomfort, hypothermia, or even the ruin of electronic devices. Selecting and carrying a rain suit based on weather forecasts is a proactive measure that ensures riders remain dry, comfortable, and healthy, regardless of unexpected weather changes. This preparedness allows for an uninterrupted experience, safeguarding against the elements and enabling riders to focus on the adventure at hand.

Tool Pack

A well-thought-out tool pack is akin to a lifeline on the trails. By customizing a pouch with tools specifically chosen for their utility and compatibility with your UTV, you ensure that you're prepared for common mechanical issues. This selection typically includes a quarter-inch socket set, screwdrivers, and wrenches of sizes most applicable to your vehicle's needs, such as 10mm, 8mm, and 12mm. The inclusion of these tools means you're ready for everything from tightening loose bolts to making more complex repairs that could otherwise cut your adventure short. The goal is to minimize downtime and maximize your time enjoying the trails.

Multiple Pairs of Gloves

They protect your hands from blisters, cuts, and the vibrations of the UTV handlebars, which can lead to discomfort or fatigue over long periods. By carrying multiple pairs, you're prepared for different terrains and weather conditions, ensuring your hands remain protected and comfortable. Whether it's a pair with extra grip for wet conditions or a lighter pair for warmer weather, having options means you can adapt to the changing environment without skipping a beat.

Tire Gauge

Tire pressure is a critical factor in the performance and safety of your UTV. Too high or too low pressure can affect traction, handling, and the likelihood of punctures. A portable tire gauge allows you to perform quick checks and adjustments to ensure your tires are at the optimal pressure, tailored to the terrain you're navigating. This simple act can greatly enhance your vehicle's efficiency and safety, making it a must-have in your toolkit.

Electric Chainsaw

Trails often come with unexpected obstacles, such as fallen trees or large branches. An electric chainsaw provides a convenient and efficient way to clear these, ensuring you and your fellow riders can continue without detour. Compact and battery-powered models offer enough power for most trail obstacles while being easy to carry. This tool not only aids in maintaining the trail's accessibility but also ensures that your ride remains enjoyable and uninterrupted.

Safety Glasses

When riding at night, clear safety glasses become an essential piece of gear. They protect your eyes from dust, insects, and low-hanging branches while enhancing visibility. Unlike tinted glasses, clear ones allow maximum light transmission, crucial for navigating trails in the dark. Wearing these glasses can prevent potential hazards from impairing your vision and ensure a safer riding experience.


A flashlight is invaluable, even in daylight, for inspecting your UTV or navigating through darker areas of the trail, such as dense forests or tunnels. It becomes indispensable when night falls, whether for making repairs, signaling for help, or simply finding your way. LED flashlights offer long battery life and powerful illumination, making them a preferred choice for riders who prioritize preparedness and safety.

AA Batteries

Navigation devices, whether they are GPS units or smartphones running trail apps, are essential for exploring and staying safe on unfamiliar trails. These devices often rely on AA batteries, so carrying spares ensures they remain powered throughout your journey. This preparation prevents you from losing your way and keeps vital communication channels open, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable ride.

Winch Strap

A winch strap is a critical accessory for using a winch safely and effectively. It allows you to anchor the winch cable to trees or other solid objects without causing damage to the environment or your equipment. The strap also distributes the load more evenly, reducing the risk of cable breakage and increasing the safety of recovery operations. Whether you're pulling your UTV out of mud or assisting a fellow rider, a winch strap ensures the operation is conducted safely and efficiently.


Its versatility is unmatched, catering to a myriad of tasks including food preparation, emergency repairs, or even cutting through obstacles. A durable, sharp knife ensures that you're prepared for anything, from slicing through a tangled rope to making kindling for a fire. Its utility in both planned and unforeseen situations underlines its importance in your gear list.

Tow Rope

The tool is crucial for providing assistance to vehicles facing mechanical failures or stuck in difficult terrain. A high-quality tow rope ensures that no rider is left behind, facilitating vehicle recovery and fostering a spirit of camaraderie and mutual support among riders. Its presence in your gear ensures preparedness for the unexpected, reinforcing the safety net for the entire group.

Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is a simple yet vital component of your repair kit. It offers a quick fix for a variety of electrical issues, from insulating exposed wires to securing loose connections. This flexibility ensures that minor electrical problems don't escalate into adventure-ending issues, allowing for temporary solutions that keep the ride going until more permanent repairs can be made. Carrying electrical tape is a testament to a rider's foresight and readiness to address the unforeseen.


Screwdrivers are the workhorses of any tool kit, essential for a wide range of tasks including equipment adjustment and repair. A set that includes both Phillips and flat blade screwdrivers ensures you're equipped to tackle any screw head, making them indispensable for maintaining and repairing your UTV on the go. Their utility extends beyond the vehicle, proving useful for gear and accessory adjustments as well, embodying the multifaceted nature of trail riding preparedness.

Pliers and Needle Nose Pliers with Cutter

Pliers and needle nose pliers equipped with cutters are essential for tasks that require precision and strength. Whether it's gripping a stubborn bolt, bending wires, or cutting through materials, these tools provide the leverage and cutting capability needed for efficient trailside repairs and adjustments. Their inclusion in your tool pack signifies a well-rounded approach to preparedness, ensuring you have the means to handle intricate repair tasks with ease.

Tire Repair Kit

A tire repair kit is a non-negotiable item for any UTV rider. Equipped with tire plugs and the necessary tools for puncture repair, this kit ensures that a flat tire doesn't end your journey prematurely. Quick and effective, these kits allow for on-the-spot repairs, ensuring that you can address punctures and continue your adventure with minimal downtime. The presence of a tire repair kit in your gear list is a nod to the importance of self-sufficiency on the trails.

Air Compressor

Following tire repair, the role of a portable air compressor becomes evident. This tool is vital for adjusting tire pressure to optimal levels, enhancing both the safety and performance of your UTV. Compact and efficient, a portable compressor ensures that your tires are always at the correct pressure, catering to different terrains and riding conditions. It exemplifies the comprehensive nature of trail readiness, covering all aspects of tire maintenance.

Zip Ties and Allen Wrenches

The combination of zip ties and Allen wrenches brings versatility and functionality to your toolkit. Zip ties are invaluable for quick fixes, from securing loose parts to temporary repairs. Allen wrenches, on the other hand, are essential for adjustments and assembly, ensuring that every bolt and screw on your UTV is tightened to perfection. Together, they represent the ingenuity and adaptability required for successful trail riding.


The autonomy provided by carrying extra fuel can make the difference between ending your ride early and reaching your destination. A gas jug filled with additional fuel ensures that you can extend your adventure, explore further, and have a contingency for unexpected detours. This practice highlights the essence of adventure riding: the freedom to explore without the constraints of fuel availability.


For solo riders, or even groups with only one equipped vehicle, a winch is a lifeline. It enables self-recovery in challenging situations, from being stuck in mud to navigating difficult terrain. The presence of a winch underscores a commitment to self-reliance and the ability to assist others, reinforcing the principles of preparedness and mutual aid that define the off-roading community.

The Bottom Line

Preparation is key to enjoying UTV trail riding to its fullest. By equipping oneself with these essential items, riders ensure safety, preparedness for various conditions, and the means to tackle unexpected challenges

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