The Ultimate Utility Vehicle: Yamaha Rhino 660 Features and Benefits

In the early 2000s, ATV gained increasing popularity in outdoor sports and agriculture fields. ATVs are small vehicles typically equipped with four wheels, suitable for thrilling off-road driving on various terrains. They were commonly used for recreational activities such as off-road adventures, racing competitions, as well as agricultural and forestry work.

However, over time, people began to realize certain limitations of ATVs. ATVs usually accommodate only one to two passengers and have restrictions in carrying loads and providing comfort. Additionally, the suspension system and maneuverability of ATVs may not be able to handle extreme terrains and work environments.

It was in this context that the concept of UTV emerged and started gaining popularity. UTVs are multi-purpose vehicles typically designed with two or more seats, providing larger cargo capacity and enhanced comfort. UTVs are often equipped with more powerful engines, sturdier chassis, and independent suspension systems to adapt to various terrains and work conditions.

The introduction of the Yamaha Rhino 660 had a significant impact on the UTV market. The Rhino 660 was first introduced in 2003 and is considered the first truly successful sport-oriented UTV. It combines the agility of ATVs with the practicality of UTVs, offering users a broader range of applications.

The arrival of the Rhino 660 changed the landscape of the UTV market, prompting other manufacturers to follow suit and introduce similar products. It provided people with a new choice that can meet the demands of off-road adventures while also offering greater utility and convenience in agriculture, forestry, and other work fields.

 yamaha rhino 660

The Yamaha Rhino 660 is a versatile sport UTV that offers excellent performance and practicality.


1. Powerful Engine: The Rhino 660 is equipped with a powerful 660cc liquid-cooled engine, providing excellent power and acceleration. This engine delivers ample torque and power to tackle steep inclines and rugged terrains with ease.

2. Spacious and Comfortable Cabin: The Rhino 660 provides a spacious cabin that can accommodate the driver and passengers comfortably. The seats are adjustable, allowing for personalized seating positions and comfort. Additionally, the cabin is equipped with grab handles and seat belts to ensure passenger safety during travels.

3. Multi-functional Design: The Rhino 660 features a multi-functional design suitable for various purposes. It comes with a durable cargo bed that can hold a substantial amount of cargo and tools. Moreover, the Rhino 660 can be accessorized with attachments such as trailers, snow plows, roof racks, etc., to meet specific work requirements.

4. Excellent Suspension System: The Rhino 660 utilizes an independent suspension system, providing outstanding suspension and stability on rough terrains. This suspension system minimizes bumps and vibrations, offering a smooth driving experience and allowing passengers to enjoy a comfortable ride across different terrains.

5. Robust Chassis and Protection: The Rhino 660 boasts a sturdy chassis designed to withstand harsh environments and working conditions. Furthermore, it is equipped with powerful protective features such as front and rear bumpers and body armor to safeguard the vehicle from collisions and damage.

6. Handling and Driving Experience: The Rhino 660 offers agile handling and an impressive driving experience. It comes with a precise steering system and a tight turning radius, enabling drivers to navigate narrow roads and maneuver through tight paths effortlessly. Additionally, the Rhino 660 is equipped with a robust braking system to ensure safe braking performance.


Specifications of the Yamaha Rhino 660:



Engine Type

Single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke

Engine Displacement


Drive System

Selectable 2WD/4WD

Transmission Type

Automatic CVT

Suspension System

Front double A-arm independent suspension, Rear independent suspension

Brake System

Front disc brakes, Rear disc brakes

Front Tire Size

25 x 8-12 inches

Rear Tire Size

25 x 10-12 inches









Ground Clearance


Seating Capacity


Payload Capacity


Fuel Capacity

27.9 liters

Vehicle Weight


Color Options

Blue, Green, Red


The last Yamaha Rhino 660 was produced in 2012. After 2012, Yamaha stopped production of the Rhino 660 and introduced Rhino successors such as the Rhino 700. So if you're interested in a Rhino 660, you might want to look for existing vehicles on the used market.



The Yamaha Rhino 660 is a powerful, versatile, and comfortable sport UTV. Whether it's for off-road adventures, work tasks, or leisurely recreation, it delivers excellent performance and reliability.

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