"Superpowers" of Polaris Ranger

Machinery is an extension of human ability and will. Polaris' complete matrix of high-performance all-terrain products can satisfy people's desire to conquer nature, and can also serve as an all-round helper to deal with difficulties and challenges.

Polaris Ranger Series Like a hidden martial arts master, the moves are the highlights. Let's take a look at the "multi-faceted" Polaris Ranger's "superpowers”


Scattered in the fields

The "Farmers' Car" of choice
More than one million Polaris Rangers have been deployed on farms, ranchesand plantations around the world.The industry-leading 1.3 ton towing capacityand 450 KG rear box capacity not only allow the Ranger to carry people andcargo in the fields where ordinary pickuptrucks cannot pass, but also can be easilyused for farm irrigation with simplemodifications. The new reinforced Pro-PVTi  clutch and high-strength frame, together with the solid chassis armor, make the Ranger have excellent durability and become the most "hard-working" and reliable partner.
polaris in the field


Alone in danger

The "Lone Ranger" comes to report on the fire scene

The Ranger's capabilities go far beyond the farmland. After customization, the Ranger can be officially applied to firefighting, becoming a true all-terrain "forest fire truck". The IRS independent rear shock absorber and balance bar are sufficient for the Ranger to easily conquer places beyond the reach of conventional vehicles, to transport personnel and equipment to and from disaster sites over complex terrain, and to respond to forest fires in a timely manner.

Dangerous rescue

Fearlessly wading through mountains and water

Outdoor rescue scenarios are often very complex, but this is exactly what the Ranger is good at. 330mm super high ground clearance ensures off-road passability while the Ranger also has excellent wading ability, whether it is a stream or a swamp, it can't stop the Ranger from moving forward. With a large fuel tank of over 40L and high fuel economy, the Ranger has a strong range, so no matter where it is, the Ranger can carry the equipment to help quickly and buy precious "golden time" for the dangerous situation.

Dangerous rescue


Scenic transport

Traversing scenic routes with ease

The Ranger is the perfect solution for the scenic national forest or the beautiful canyon. The Ranger can meet the needs of point-to-point daily passenger and material transport, while at the same time, thanks to its excellent off-road and powerful working capacity, it can also take care of daily patrols and logistical support, and can also be used as an operational vehicle to provide recreational traversing experiences. "One vehicle for multiple uses", truly interpreting all-round reliability and trustworthiness. Ranger not only provides different options from 3 to 6 seats, but also can be customized through Polaris' powerful and complete solutions. The Polaris family of all-rounders is a powerful all-rounder that meets the needs of different types of work.


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