Off-Road Battle: Can-Am Commander vs Polaris General

Ready to conquer the trails? Dive into our comprehensive analysis of Can-Am Commander vs Polaris General, and find the perfect ride for your next adventure!

Two models Specs:


2023 Can-am Commander XT

2023 Polaris General XP 1000


Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled

999cc, ProStar 1000; 4-Stroke DOHC Twin Cylinder

Starting Price



Box Capacity

600 lb (272.2 kg)

600 lb (272 kg)


Arched double A-arm with sway bar

Arched TTA with sway bar 

Long Travel, High Clearance Dual Arm

Ground Clearance

13 in (33 cm)

13.5" (34.3 cm)


100 hp

100 hp

Dry Weight

1675 lb (759.8 kg)

1,654 lb (750 kg)

Design and Features:

While both vehicles are designed to withstand rough conditions, the Can-Am Commander emphasizes sleekness, while the Polaris General portrays a more aggressive appearance. Each vehicle offers ample seating options and storage solutions for added convenience.

Both the Can-Am Commander and Polaris General offer versatile accessory options to enhance your off-road experience. One popular addition is a UTV cargo racks, which securely holds loose items in the cargo bed during rough terrain. Additionally, a UTV windshield can provide protection from wind, debris, and other elements, ensuring a more comfortable ride.

Comfort and Convenience

Can-Am Commander and Polaris General are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. The Can-Am Commander has a comfortable and spacious cockpit, with adjustable seats and a tilt steering wheel. The Polaris General has a similar cockpit design, but with a larger and more modern dashboard that includes a digital display. Both vehicles also come with a variety of storage options, including a rear cargo bed and under-seat storage compartments.

Top Speed

The Commander has a top speed of 72 MPH, making it one of the fastest vehicles in its class.

The Polaris General has a top speed of 65 MPH, making it slightly slower than the Can-Am Commander but still fast enough for most off-road adventures.


One crucial aspect to consider is versatility – how well these vehicles perform across different terrains or activities. The Commander excels in maneuverability thanks to its compact size, making it suitable for tight trails or wooded areas. It is also a popular choice for those who enjoy recreational towing. On the other hand, the General shines in its ability to handle a wide range of tasks, whether it's conquering rocky terrain or hauling equipment. If you seek an all-around performer, the General may be the better choice.

In conclusion

If you're looking for a vehicle that's powerful and fast, the Can-Am Commander is a great choice. Its adjustable suspension and spacious cab also make it a comfortable option for longer rides. However, if versatility is what you're after, the Polaris General is a solid pick. Its dual A-arm suspension and range of features make it well-suited for a variety of outdoor activities.

Whether you prioritize power and speed or versatility and comfort, there's a vehicle out there for you. So, hit the trails and explore all that the great outdoors has to offer!

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