Why Choose StarknightMT Kids Protective Gear?

The importance of provide safety 

Usually, when we are riding motorcycles, skiing, off-road, etc any outdoor sports, due to external terrain, or technical problems, it is easy to fall and bruise knees, or elbows. In severe cases, dislocation fractures may occur, so no matter what age, We must do our own protection when doing any sports.

Has your child expressed an interest in riding? We never want you or your kid to miss a ride because many of us started as kids. Parents will feel much safer with their kids wearing gear and a helmet.   It's our job (parents) to provide their safety gear with any sport or activities. It would simply be foolish to not add this for any rider regardless of age. 

If your child is starting to get serious about dirt biking, it’s time to get them some serious dirt bike gear. For an optimal and safe riding experience, your son or daughter needs the right kid's dirt bike gear.

Upgrade Kids Dirt Bike Armor Suit

 The StarknightMT kid's protective gear is protective gear for motocross, motorcycle, skateboard, skiing, skating, snowing, off-road, etc any outdoor sports. The protective gear is designed for maximum comfort to allow you to concentrate on your riding with the confidence that you have full body protection.  Safety is paramount for riders of all ages. Starknightmt makes it easy to find the perfect kid's & youth motorcycle protective gear to keep new riders comfortable and confident.

In recent years, we have designed and manufactured different children's armors, and have continuously upgraded them, aiming to provide the best children's armors, so that children can enjoy themselves while riding bikes, skiing, and skateboarding.


kids protective gear

We have multi choice :

  • Shoulder armor suit
  • Shoulderless armor suit
  • One-piece shoulderless armor suit
  • Detachable version, with shoulder 
  • Beltless strapless armor suit
  • Belted and off-the-shoulder armor suit
  • Knee and Elbow Pads

Features of the StarKnightMT protective gear

  • 3D full body protection, a detachable belly protective pad for different needs.
  • Detachable chest and back pad for easy wearing
  • Breathable lining, Thicken foam, ensuring shock absorbing and not stuffy
  • Shock-absorbing PE Shell provides effective protection for key parts of kids' body
  • Easy to Dress and Easy to clean


Visit starknightmt.com now and grab some youth dirt bike gear or motocross protection and apparel for kids so you’re little ones are ready for their next adventure.

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