13 Must-Have CFMoto Accessories for UTV Beginners

Purchasing your first utility terrain vehicle (UTV) is an exciting milestone. As a beginner, having the right accessories can greatly enhance your riding experience and safety. Choosing accessories designed specifically for your CFMoto model ensures proper fit and function. In this article, we will cover 13 must-have beginner accessories to equip your CFMoto UTV.

Why Should UTV Beginners Buy CFMoto Accessories?

As a new UTV owner, adding accessories customizes the vehicle to your needs and enhances the riding experience. Beginners benefit from accessories that add protection, utility, convenience, and comfort on the trails. Investing in quality accessories also maximizes the value of your UTV purchase.

The accessories specifically covered in this article span categories like weather protection, storage solutions, lighting, power management, and ergonomic upgrades. Accessorizing in these areas makes trail riding more enjoyable while also extending the service life of your new UTV.

Another reason investing in accessories makes sense for beginners is that needs tend to evolve the more you ride. Starting with core accessories now allows you to progressively build up your vehicle's capabilities. You can add performance tuners, audio systems, appearance upgrades, and more advanced products later on.

Carefully chosen accessories complement UTVs for the conditions they face. Whether it's storage for gear, auxiliary lighting for dark trails, or cabin comfort features, accessories fill capability gaps for beginners. Equipping smartly creates well-rounded side-by-sides tailored to new riders.

Below are 13 must-have CFMoto Accessories for you as UTV Beginners:

1. Windshield

Adding a windshield guards against blowing debris and harsh weather on the trails. CFMoto windshields specifically contour to the cage dimensions of your model for a custom fit. They utilize high-grade polycarbonate materials that are shatter-resistant if struck by rocks or branches. Multi-layer construction and specialized coatings also resist scratches and UV damage over time. For riding in frigid temperatures, you can add electric hotwire elements that deice the windshield glass. Blocking wind, snow, and rain makes longer-distance rides more enjoyable and comfortable.For more windshield info: Should I Put a Windshield on My UTV?

cfmoto windshield

2. Heavy Duty UTV Cover

Keeping your UTV covered protects the paint finish and interior from sun damage, dirt accumulation, and rainfall when in storage. CFMoto's custom-patterned UTV covers use interwoven fabric that is both durable and breathable. The cover remains secured in high wind conditions thanks to integrated strapping systems with durable buckles. Tightly stitched seams prevent dust and moisture penetration. Storing under a tight-fitting UTV cover helps maintain that showroom shine for years after purchase.

3. Adjustable Phone Holder

Phone holders from CFMoto allow universal mounting of most smartphone models to your vehicle's cage or dash surface. The spring-loaded holder design has thick rubber lining along all contact surfaces to prevent any scratches to your device. You can lock the pivot joints in place for vertical or horizontal phone orientations. This keeps your phone screen accessible for GPS navigation, music streaming apps, or hands-free photo capturing. The rubberized housing protects against vibration while trail riding.

4. UTV Overhead Gun Holder

Hunters can install overhead rifle racks inside their CFMoto off-road vehicle. The racks attach via durable bolts and use thick rubber cushioning to protect firearm surfaces. Additional fastening straps also secure weapons during transport over uneven terrain. Rear bench passengers can quickly unrack for a timely shooting response. The overhead positioning is optimal for keeping high-value rifles and shotguns protected yet easily accessible. This prevents fumbling that could lead to finish scratches or scope damage.

5. Saddlebags and Storage Boxes

Carrying extra supplies on the trails requires mounting exterior storage solutions onto your CFMoto UTV. Side-mounted saddlebags maximize compact space while using weatherproof textile construction and heavy-duty zippers. Box-shaped cargo bags attach to rear racks for protecting important trail tools or hunting equipment. Hard plastic cases by CFMoto lock onto side racks to keep first aid, electronics, ammunition, and other fragile gear secured in all riding conditions. Added storage capacity lets you transport necessities off-road.

6. Helmet with Bluetooth Intercom

A durable DOT-certified helmet is non-negotiable for UTV riding. Opt for a CFMoto model equipped with Bluetooth intercom technology, allowing you to pair it with passenger headsets. Quality helmet speakers let you listen to music and take calls hands-free. Integrated microphones enable communication up to one mile range. Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless transmission between helmets and smartphones.

7. High-Quality Riding Gloves

It's crucial to protect your hands from blisters, abrasions, and weather elements. CFMoto gloves blend durable exterior fabrics with foam padding inserts. Pre-curved fingers reinforce the natural closed-fist position needed for long rides. Silicone dot grips and reinforced palm patches also improve grip. For colder months, heated models regulate temperature settings from your handlebar controls.

8. Protective Riding Jacket

A jacket designed for power sports use protects your core and arms while riding. CFMoto's UTV jackets integrate armor pads into high abrasion zones like elbows and shoulders. Water-resistant and breathable outer shell fabrics shed light rain and trail splatter while venting excess heat. Safety harnesses can be attached to some models. Zippered pockets safely store small items. Choose bright colors or reflection details for visibility.

9. All-Terrain Tires

As factory tires wear down, upgrading to aggressive all-terrain alternatives improves traction. CFMoto uses advanced rubber compounds and tread patterns that interlock with loose dirt, mud, gravel, and rocky trails. Steel-belted radial constructions prevent punctures from debris and withstand heavy loads. While fine on pavement, these tires excel off-road - giving beginners robust performance in unpredictable riding environments.

10. LED Light Kit

As daylight fades, adding LED auxiliary lights becomes crucial for illuminating trails. CFMoto brands offer affordable light bars and pod kits for mounting all around your UTV cage. Multi-row LED configurations produce intense, focused beams that penetrate the darkness. The durable waterproof housings hold up against dust, moisture, and vibration. Light kits come with basic wiring harnesses and switches for out-of-box installs.

11. Skid Plates

New riders risk damaging differentials, transfer cases, and other critical components from underbody obstacles. CFMoto skid plates bolt-on to shield vulnerable gear from projectile debris, rocks, stumps, and uneven terrain. The stamped steel plates take frontal impacts while allowing necessary airflow. Complete skid plate sets offer transmission, differential, and suspension coverage. This inexpensive insurance saves beginners costly damage from trail rides.

cfmoto accessories

12. Heated Grips

Without hand warmers, bitter cold climates quickly sap grip strength and precision. CFMoto heated grips have integrated heating elements to circulate warmth through handholds. Waterproof internals prevent moisture penetration, while bar end designs maximize surface coverage. Multiple heat settings allow adjustment from the handlebar controls. Heated grips take the bite out of frigid weather for continued riding comfort.

13. Suspension Upgrade

Basic OEM shocks may lack adjustability for dialing suspension to match changing cargo and trail conditions. CFMoto suspension upgrades allow compression and rebound tuning via piggyback reservoirs. Longer-travel designs deliver a smoother ride with greater wheel articulation over obstacles. Multi-rate springs offer progressive stiffness for handling stability when loaded or cornering hard. Custom valve codes match tunes to intended vehicle use.

Upgrading your new CFMoto UTV with proper accessories enhances capability, convenience, and safety. Whether you need communications, storage, weather protection, or riding performance, there are abundant options to outfit your side-by-side. Carefully research how you plan to use your UTV and invest accordingly. With CFMoto's vehicle-specific engineered accessories, you can create a custom build perfect for your needs as a beginning UTV owner.

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