Can-am Ryker vs Spyder

If you are looking for a three-wheeled motorcycle, we highly recommend that you check out what Can-Am has to offer. The Ryker and Spyder models are two of the most advanced models in the Can-Am lineup, and both offer cutting-edge features and unique riding experiences.
Which one is best for you depends on many factors, such as your personal preferences and budget, etc.
If you'd like to learn more about which Can-Am Ryker and Can-Am Spyder trikes are best for your lifestyle, read on!

There are a number of key differences between the Can-Am Ryker and the Spyder.

 RYKER 600



2023 Can-Am Ryker

2023 Can-Am Spyder F3

Starting MSRP




642 pounds

899 pounds


Rotax® ACE 600 or 900 cc engine

1330cc engine

Capacities & Storage

Glovebox with USB, 1.85 gal (7 L)

6.5 gal (24.4 L)


Front - KYB HPG w/ preload adjustment; Back - KYB HPG 40mm w/ remote reservoir four-position compression adjustable dampening

Front: SACHS† Big-Bore shocks, Rear: SACHS shock


Ultra-comfortable, automatic transmission, fun to ride, ample storage capacity

Electronically-controlled power steering, optimized engine torque, very comfortable




Can-Am produces reliable vehicles that can last for years if properly maintained. However, when comparing the reliability of these two vehicles, it is worth noting that the Can-Am Ryker is much easier to maintain because of its much simpler electronic control system.


Both trikes are very comfortable, although the Can-Am Ryker's low center of gravity makes it more comfortable for beginner riders. It's wider and has a smaller turning radius than the Spyder, but for comfort alone, it's hard to beat.


Both Ryker and Spyder can be customized to your preferred type.


If you are not very familiar with the cycling world, we strongly recommend you to choose CAN-AM RYKER. This is a very safe, reliable and comfortable three-wheeled bike that is functional and enjoyable to ride.

However, if you are a seasoned writer looking for something a little more exciting, then you are better off with the CAN-AM SPYDER, a unique bike that combines reliability and speed with a lot of performance characteristics.

When choosing between these two incredible vehicles, be sure to keep our reviews in mind and enjoy yourself on the open road!






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