Can-Am Renegade vs Outlander, which is better?

The Can-Am Renegade and Outlander are both popular models of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) manufactured by Can-Am, a division of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products). While they share some similarities, they are designed for different purposes, and each has its own strengths and features. Let's compare them:


ATV Comparison:

Can-Am Renegade

Can-Am Outlander





Rotax 650 cc V-twin, liquid cooled

Rotax 850 V-twin engine,



78 hp

Fuel Delivery System

Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)


Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™️) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)


canam renegade


Can-Am Renegade: The Renegade is designed for sport-oriented riding, including aggressive trail riding, mud riding, and even racing. It offers a more sporty and aggressive riding experience.

Can-Am Outlander: The Outlander is built for utility and recreational riding. It excels in tasks like hauling cargo, towing, and general purpose riding. It offers a more comfortable and versatile riding experience.


Can-Am Renegade: The Renegade is known for its high-performance capabilities. It typically features a powerful engine, advanced suspension system, and sport-specific features like enhanced handling and acceleration.

Can-Am Outlander: The Outlander tends to prioritize a smooth and comfortable ride over aggressive performance. It offers a more relaxed and capable ride, with features like a more compliant suspension and increased storage capacity.

Size and Seating:

Can-Am Renegade: The Renegade is generally smaller and more compact, designed for a single rider or sometimes a rider and passenger. It often has a narrower profile, which can be advantageous in tight trails and maneuverability.

Can-Am Outlander: The Outlander is larger and offers more seating options. It can accommodate a single rider or two passengers, thanks to a longer wheelbase and a wider seat.


Can-Am Renegade: The Renegade typically focuses on performance-enhancing features, such as sport-tuned suspension, specialized tires, and a more aggressive body design. It may also have features like a digital gauge cluster and sport-specific controls.

Can-Am Outlander: The Outlander prioritizes utility and comfort features. It often includes features like a larger cargo rack, towing capabilities, multiple storage compartments, and a more comfortable seat for long rides.



Q: Which ATV is better for trail riding?

A: If you primarily plan to ride on trails, both the Renegade and the Outlander can be suitable options. However, the Renegade's sportier suspension and handling characteristics make it more agile and better suited for aggressive trail riding and tackling challenging terrains.

Q: Are there any differences in the suspension systems of the Renegade and Outlander?

A: Yes, there are some differences in the suspension setups between the Renegade and Outlander. The Renegade typically has a more aggressive, sport-tuned suspension with increased travel and improved damping characteristics. The Outlander, on the other hand, often features a more comfort-oriented suspension to handle a variety of terrains.


In summary, if you're looking for speed, agility, and a sporty ride, the Renegade might be the better choice for you. If you need versatility, comfort, and utility, you might prefer the Outlander.

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