Can-Am Defender vs Commander, which is better?

Welcome to the thrilling world of off-road vehicles! If you're an adventure enthusiast or someone who loves exploring the great outdoors, then you've probably come across the names Can-Am Defender and Commander. These two powerhouses from the renowned Can-Am lineup have gained popularity among off-road enthusiasts. But the question remains: Which one is better? In this blog post, we'll dive into a detailed comparison of the Can-Am Defender and Commander, highlighting their key features, performance capabilities, and unique advantages. So, let's buckle up and embark on this exciting ride!

1. Side by Side Comparison:

2023 Can-Am Defender

2023 Can-Am Commander





Rotax® ACE  650 cc single cylinder,

Rotax® ACE 650 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled


52 hp

52 hp


Double A-arm / 10 in. (25.4 cm) travel

Double A-arm with sway bar

Ground Clearance

11 in. (28 cm)

12.5 in (31.8 cm)

Dry Weight*

1,479 lb (671 kg)

1600 lb (725.5 kg)

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2. Features:

Design and Versatility:

When it comes to design, the Can-Am Defender and Commander showcase their distinct personalities. The Defender is known for its rugged and robust build, resembling a tough, no-nonsense workhorse. On the other hand, the Commander exudes a sportier and more aggressive appearance, perfect for adrenaline-filled adventures.

Seating Capacity and Cargo Space:

If you're planning adventures with a larger group or need ample cargo space, the Can-Am Defender takes the lead. It typically offers seating for three to six passengers, depending on the model, making it an ideal choice for family outings or group activities. Additionally, the Defender's cargo bed provides ample room for hauling gear, tools, or supplies. In contrast, the Commander tends to have a smaller seating capacity, usually accommodating two to four passengers, and offers less cargo space.

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Comfort and Convenience:

Long rides off the beaten path require comfort, and both the Defender and Commander aim to please. The Defender excels in providing a smooth and comfortable ride, thanks to its spacious cabin, ergonomic seating, and advanced suspension system. It prioritizes utility without compromising on comfort. On the other hand, the Commander offers a sport-inspired cockpit, designed for those seeking a thrilling and engaging driving experience. Its bolstered seats and sporty steering wheel contribute to a dynamic and comfortable ride.

Terrain Domination

Whether you're conquering mud, rocks, or dunes, both machines prove themselves as capable conquerors. The Defender's dedicated 4WD system and various drive modes empower it to tackle any terrain with confidence. Meanwhile, the Commander's trail-ready features like beadlock wheels and high-performance shocks guarantee optimal performance on even the most challenging trails.

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3. FAQs:

Q: Which vehicle is better suited for work purposes?

A: If you require a vehicle primarily for heavy-duty hauling or work-related tasks, the Can-Am Defender would be an ideal choice due to its larger cargo bed capacity and extensive storage options.

Q: Which vehicle is more suitable for recreational purposes?

A: For those seeking exhilarating adventures and thrilling rides, the Can-Am Commander's sportier design and agile performance make it the perfect recreational companion.

Q: Are these vehicles fuel-efficient?

A: Given their powerful engines and off-road capabilities, both vehicles prioritize performance over fuel efficiency. However, advancements in engine technology ensure reasonable fuel consumption considering their size and power.

Q: Can these vehicles be modified with aftermarket accessories?

A: Absolutely! Both the Can-Am Defender and Commander offer extensive opportunities for customization through various aftermarket accessories, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs and preferences.


In the showdown between the Can-Am Defender and Commander, there's no definitive winner. It ultimately comes down to your specific needs and preferences. If you prioritize utility, heavy-duty tasks, and a spacious seating capacity, the Can-Am Defender is your go-to option. On the other hand, if you seek thrilling adventures, sporty performance, and a more compact design, the Can-Am Commander is the perfect companion. Whichever one you choose, these Can-Am vehicles are bound to make your off-road journeys unforgettable. So, gear up, buckle in, and let the adventures begin!

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