Best UTV Accessories for Dune and Desert Riding

The western United States has many locations suitable for dune and desert riding, including California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and other states. Most of these areas are characterized by desert or semi-desert climates, with vast desert and mountain terrain that is ideal for dune and desert riding and other outdoor activities.

Many UTV riders are likely familiar with these areas and the unique challenges they present. In this context, it would be useful to discuss the best UTV accessories for dune and desert riding.

1. Skid Plates

A UTV skid plate is a necessary accessory for rock climbing and cycling. During UTV operation, components underneath the chassis are susceptible to impact and abrasion from objects on the road such as rocks, tree branches, and mud. These objects can cause severe damage to the chassis and related components, rendering the vehicle unable to operate properly. The UTV skid plate can effectively reduce this damage and extend the UTV's lifespan. In addition to protecting the UTV chassis, the skid plate can also improve the vehicle's passability and stability on rough terrain. It can help the vehicle easily navigate obstacles and ravines, and reduce the risk of losing control due to collisions and abrasions.

2. Sand Tire

The sand in the desert is relatively fine and extremely loose, making it difficult for ordinary tires to travel in this environment. Sand tires typically have a larger contact area and deeper treads to provide better traction and floatation, making UTVs more stable and controllable in the desert.

Sand tire

Photo by Superatv.

3. Windshield

The dust and sand in the desert can affect our riding experience, and a windshield is one of the essential aftermarket accessories. We have several options to choose from:

Half windshield: It can provide some wind protection and protection from debris while retaining the open feel and visibility of the vehicle.

Full windshield: It provides full protection from all sides, preventing objects like rocks and tree branches from entering the cockpit. Windshields made with scratch-resistant materials won't impair your vision.

Flip windshield: It is a very practical windshield device for outdoor vehicles, combining the functions of a full windshield, half windshield, and vented windshield. It can be switched between open, closed, and vented modes. This type of windshield is ideal for outdoor activities, especially for those who need to adapt to constantly changing weather conditions. Keeping it open while driving on sand dunes can allow air to circulate, reducing the impact of dust and sand, while also keeping the vehicle ventilated. Closing it during cold winter morning rides in Moab can provide better protection and warmth, while also reducing wind resistance and noise.

UTV Windshield

4. UTV Roof

Hardtop: An aluminum hardtop is the most suitable roof for desert riding. The flat and low-profile appearance of an aluminum roof can provide a cool and impressive look even without a chopped cage. The aluminum material is completely opaque, effectively blocking sunlight and heat from entering the vehicle and keeping the interior cool in high-temperature environments like the desert. It can also withstand impacts from flying debris like rocks and stones.


5. UTV Cooler

When riding in the desert, it is essential to bring water or ice to stay hydrated. In this case, a UTV cooler is needed to keep drinks and food chilled. A dedicated cooler can be securely installed in the cargo bed or rear seat of the UTV, ensuring that our belongings won't spill out of the cooler even if we have an accident or collision while driving.

UTV cooler

Photo by Polaris

6. LED Whip Light

The visibility and decorative features of UTV whip lights make them a popular accessory for sand dune riding. In low-light or nighttime conditions, the high brightness and adjustable colors and patterns of whip lights make it easier for drivers to be seen by other vehicles or people, enhancing safety. Additionally, the appearance of whip lights can add a personalized style to the UTV, making the vehicle more eye-catching on the sand dunes.

utv whip light

Photo by kombustionmotorsports

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