A New Off-Road Beast: 2024 Can-Am Maverick R

Can-Am unveiled the 2024 Can-Am Maverick R a few days ago, and beyond the Maverick X3 a brand new off-road beast has emerged. Drawing inspiration from the king cobra, the Maverick R redefines off-road elegance and performance, aiming to be the most stunning and powerful off-road vehicle ever.
Clearly challenging the Polaris RZR Pro R, the Can-Am Maverick R, with its impressive horsepower and exceptional suspension, may have even surpassed the Polaris RZR Pro R.

 can am maverick r


Equipped with a 240 HP Rotax 999T engine that delivers unrivaled performance, even 15 HP more than the Polaris RZR Pro R. Dedicated driving modes to satisfy the rider's riding experience.

High-performance 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

 Can-Am says it takes just 0.2 seconds to shift gears, so you get complete stability and control. Thanks to the dual-clutch transmission, there is no need to change belts and the clutch is maintenance-free.

Heavy-Duty Double-Wishbone Suspension: 

The heavy-duty double-wishbone suspension is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, boasting a ground clearance of 17 inches, which is 1 inch higher than the Polaris RZR Pro R. A key feature of the double-wishbone suspension is how it disperses vertical suspension leaks and significantly increases the leverage of the suspension, resulting in better load distribution between the wheels and the chassis. When turning the front upper part, the arms bear 85% less load compared to similar vehicles with conventional suspensions, while the sway bar bears 15% of the load.

The substantial reduction in load on the upper link provides a lower roll center, meaning less rolling during turns and keeping the wheels flatter on the ground. Another benefit of improved load distribution is the reduction of wheel displacement caused by chassis and suspension component deflection, resulting in higher stability and predictability.

The double-wishbone front suspension of the Maverick R offers greater flexibility compared to traditional suspension designs to achieve the desired steering geometry.


The suggested retail price for the base Can-Am Maverick R is $35,499, while the top-of-the-line MAVERICK R X RS WITH SMART-SHOX has a suggested retail price of $44,299. On the other hand, the suggested retail price for the Polaris RZR PRO R ranges from $37,499 to $44,999, and the Polaris PRO R offers seating for four.

Rider Features: 

The Maverick R is a race-specific model built for the most demanding riders. Equipped with a 10.25-inch touchscreen display, it is very practical for the rider; convenient and intuitive, designed to allow the rider to experience the joy of driving without distractions.

Off-Road Beast Comparison:


2024 Can-Am Maverick R

2024 Polaris RZR Pro R

Start MSRP




Rotax 999T engine

1997cc, 4-Stroke DOHC Inline Four Cylinder

Front Suspension

Forged Aluminum heavy duty Tall Knuckle Double A-arm with sway bar / 25 in. (63.5 cm) suspension travel

Light Weight Boxed Dual A-Arm with 3 piece Stabilizer Bar 

Rear Suspension

4 Link Trailing arm with Forged Aluminum heavy duty tall knuckle / 25 in. (63.5 cm) suspension travel

Boxed Trailing Arm with Toe Link, High-Clearance Radius Rods, and 3 Piece Stabilizer Bar




Ground Clearance

17 in. (43.2 cm)

16 in (40.6 cm)

Dry Weight*

2,150 lb (975 kg)

2144 lb (972.5 kg)

Driving modes 

Three: Normal, Sport, and Sport+

Four: Baja, Rock,Track, Comfort



 A vehicle must be durable in every environment, and from the information provided above, it is evident that the Maverick R truly shines. Will it become the new leader among off-road beasts? Only time will tell.

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