5 Ways to Play Outdoors With Polaris

People's thirst for the outdoors is growing. Escape from reinforced concrete and glass curtain walls in your spare time. Really go deep into the outdoors and get close to nature.

No.1 Stay in the landscape

stay in landsrcape

Normal way to play: social platform with the same exquisite camping + one-stop camping hotel

Polaris advanced play: moving camping, without roads, you can also move your home to the scenery. Crowds of people and monotonous campsites are easy to make people tired.

UTVs are not only free on the roads of traditional off-road vehicles, but also in unpredictable off-road conditions.

Coupled with a large-capacity vehicle-mounted system, all the equipment can be handled in one vehicle, and the tent can be placed in the most beautiful scenery where there are few people.

No.2. Be a real farmer for a day

farmer play

Normal play: join the farm family tour program, accompany the children to swing autumn dry, enjoy the manor food.

Polaris advanced play: drive the Polaris to tour the farm, overhaul the farm fence that stretches for tens of kilometers in the wilderness, experience the fun of planting and irrigation, herd sheep and horses under the sunset, and be abe a real farmer for a day.

No.3 Ice Fishing

ice finshing

Normal play: install snow chains on the four tires of the off-road SUV and drive carefully, and always pay attention to the load-bearing condition of the ice surface.

Polaris advanced play: UTV has the world's most hardcore four-wheel drive structure, the easiest way to drive and lightweight body, whether to deal with snow or ice driving are off. Bring ice fishing equipment, boldly drive the Polaris to the middle of the ice lake, equipped with professional tracks can even feel the fun of ice drifting.

No.4  Leisurely Tide Stream

Leisurely Tide Stream

Normal play: Hike Lake Creek.

Polaris Advanced Play: When you own a UTV, Lake Creek is no longer the exclusive domain of hikers. On a hot summer day with a fresh breeze on a hot summer day and a gentle breeze, driving slowly up the stream, the stress and worries of life The stress and worries of life will disappear with the smooth flowing water.

No.5 0ff-road crossing

0ff-road crossing

Normal play: several off-road SUVs form a convoy, after doing shock upgrades, replacing AT tires and other expensive modifications, driving into the desert hinterland.

Polaris advanced play: desert high speed crossing plus camping, to go to the more wild places where off-road vehicles can not go. When you grip the steering wheel in the cockpit of RZR , feel the high-speed crossing of each jump easily through those even professional off-road SUVs are difficult to look at the healthy slopes and ditches, this time to experience the real luxury of wild life.


If you owned such a UTV, where would you take it?

Imagine a place that is no longer out of reach.


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