10 Best Polaris Ranger Accessories Must Be Have!

When you own a Polaris Ranger UTV, you may want to add some accessories to enhance its performance and utility. Here are the top 10 Polaris Ranger accessories that can make your Ranger more powerful, practical, and attractive.

1. Polaris Ranger Front windshield

The front windshield can protect the driver and passengers from the impact of wind, rain, debris, and other objects, ensuring safe driving. Our front windshield is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant, enhancing your riding experience. 

Polaris ranger xp 1000 front windshield

2. Polaris Ranger Rear Windshield

The rear windshield can protect you from the dust and debris kicked up by the rear wheels, keep elements away from your neck, and also serve an aesthetic purpose. Check out our vented rear windshield, made of durable polycarbonate and easy to install. 

Polaris ranger vent rear windshield details

3.Polaris Ranger Cover

The vehicle cover can protect your Ranger from harsh weather, dust, leaves, and other debris. A high-quality cover can extend the Ranger's lifespan while keeping its appearance clean and tidy.

RZR seat cover Prevent Scratches

4. Polaris Ranger Seat Covers

Seat covers can provide extra comfort and support, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed during long drives. Our waterproof seat covers are made of high-quality Oxford cloth, which has many advantages such as scratch resistance, waterproof, stain resistance, odorless, and no pilling. They can protect the original seats from dirt and scratches.

We have also developed Camo Ranger Seat Cover to meet customer needs.

Polaris ranger camo seat cover

5. Polaris Ranger Cargo Box

Our Ranger cargo storage box is made of impact-resistant low-density polyethylene with a capacity of 24L, which can maximize the use of space to store your gloves, tools and other items.

polaris ranger cargo box

6. Polaris Ranger Drive Belt

The drive belt is an essential component of the Polaris Ranger engine. A high-quality and durable belt can ensure smooth engine operation and improve the vehicle's performance and lifespan.

7. Polaris Ranger Tie Down Anchors

Tie down anchors can help you better secure the vehicle when driving off-road, preventing it from sliding or tipping over on rough terrain. These accessories can also help you easily secure the vehicle on a trailer when needed.

ranger tie down anchors

8. Polaris Ranger Lift Kit

A lift kit can increase the Ranger's ground clearance, making it more suitable for off-road driving. Also it can improve the Ranger's maneuverability and stability, making it easier to navigate rough terrain and obstacles.

ranger lift kit

9. Polaris Ranger Flag Mount

If you want to better display your flags and banners while driving off-road, an essential accessory is the UTV flag mount/whip light mount. These mounts can be installed on the rear or sides of the Ranger, allowing you to showcase your personality and preferences anytime, anywhere.

10. Polaris Ranger Gun Rack

If you enjoy hunting or shooting, a UTV gun rack can help you carry and store your firearms more conveniently. The gun scabbard can also protect the firearms from damage or sliding.


these Polaris Ranger accessories can make your vehicle more powerful, practical, and attractive. Get ready to take your Polaris love to the next level with our favorite Polaris Ranger accessories.


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