ATV or UTV -Which better for you?

What is ATV and UTV?

ATV is the abbreviation of  all-terrain vehicle.As the name implies, it is designed to deal with a greater diversity of terrain than most other cars. 
The full name of UTV is Utility Vehicle, commonly known as "steel tube vehicle", which is suitable for beach off-road. It is a model derived from ATV.


ATV Features

An ATV is designed for recreational riding and travels on low-pressure tires.

  • Steering:  Straddled by the operator, along with handlebars for steering control.
  • Seat and capacity: Single riders. 
  • Wheels:ATVs have four wheels. 
  • Cost: ATV is suitable for those who have a low budget. 
  • Uses: ATV is a special vehicle integrating entertainment, sports, and tourism. It can gallop freely on various complex roads such as beaches, grasslands, mountain roads, and tourist places.
  • Cabin: Designed without cabin. 
  • Speed: ATVs can reach a maximum speed of 85 mph.
  • Safety equipment: ATVs don’t come with attached safety features. To keep safety, we recommend to wear helmet, protective clothing,etc.

UTV Features

UTV is often called an SxS or side-by-side.
  • Steering:  Compared with ATV, it is more like a car. Because it iscontrolled by the accelerator pedal of the steering wheel, there are four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive, so it feels more like an off-road vehicle.
  • Seat and capacity: 2-4 riders
  • Wheels:UTVs have four wheels. However, they can have more wheels for specialized purposes.
  • Uses: It can be used in various scenarios such as mines, fields, beach off-road, mountain loading, farm operations, etc.
  • Cost:  UTVs is more expensive than ATVs, especially after they’ve been modified.
  • Cabin:  Designed with a cabin
  • Speed: UTV is generally slower than an ATV. Their max speed is generally between 25 mph and 50 mph.
  • Safety equipment: The utv is equipped with protective measures such as roll cages and seat belts.


As for the question on which is more better for you, it really depends on you. Enjoy your ride! 

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